About Your Consultant

Mia Lambert (신 미영)

Reflecting on all these past working years, I have worked in a broad range of careers. I was in the military, ran small businesses, worked in real estate and the insurance & financial industry. I consider the combination of these experiences very valuable in my approach to working with my clients. It has influenced and solidified who I am today, and choosing my ultimate career as a personal retirement consultant.

Working as an investment and retirement advisor, I focused heavily on educating and illustrating how crucial it is to take charge of the personal financial future. I have provided the tools and guidance necessary to help people develop holistic financial plans to protect and grow their assets. While doing so, I have collected a good knowledge of predicament, hardship, and both successful and unsuccessful life stories that people have shared with me over the years. It has helped me to be a better weatherproof advisor, consequently helping my clients make appropriate decisions.

Still, so many underprepared people are out there, many of who are nearing retirement age. They are wonderful human beings, and they have worked hard their whole lives to provide for their family. They look forward to the retirement years to relax and enjoy. The sad thing is that some don’t realize how devasting it can be for many years to come. They will struggle emotionally and financially instead of enjoying their retirement years, and you can’t have a do-over. After seeing people experience this firsthand, my passion has evolved with specific and pivotal life stages. I have shifted my attention and business structure to work with people nearing retirement age. I review and evaluate their current financial health and help structure and coordinate necessary aspects of their financial position to better prepare for their retirement life.

It is not easy, but it is a very gratifying career because I am making a difference in people’s lives and futures. Therefore, I am dedicated and disciplined in keeping current with the constant changes in the economy, environment, policies, and financial market by continuously educating myself. This enables me to keep my clients up to date and provide the best of my expertise and services.

In my spare time, I like to delve into inspirational stories to keep my life in proper perspective. I also enjoy good movies and road trips to new places. Running was my obsession for many years. Now I walk every day for simple pleasure and being appreciative of the nature that surrounds me.

Helping you optimize your lifetime income and peace of mind.